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It is essential to keep your smile looking great as well as functional, after all, that’s what teeth are for - not just for smiling!

Regular 3-6 month check-ups will ensure an early diagnosis of certain dental problems, such as decay or gum infections, and a preventative approach to your dental health will reduce your need for treatment and can save you time, suffering and expense.

However, a fear or phobia of the dentist is one of the greatest barriers that a patient may be faced with towards attending regular check-ups. This fear or phobia must be addressed and overcome in order to obtain access to good oral health care. For some patients this fear may have been caused by a past traumatic experience. There are ways in which we can help tackle this fear and help to rebuild and restore confidence in visiting the dentist.

Unfortunately, not all dentists have the personality or time to treat anxious people, even though it is extremely widespread. But don't worry, in our relaxed surroundings at the Dentist-in-Town, we have a gentle and calm understanding of your fears and phobias and have a patient-centred approach in making you feel at ease.

Our Dentist-in-Town practice can cater for all your general dental needs – examinations, regular hygiene visits, white fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures and root canal therapy. From your initial examination, we can assess and provide the optimal level of oral health care needed which is a gateway to a perfect smile.

For patients who are thinking about Cosmetic Dentistry or Orthodontics (braces), it is imperative to have healthy gums and teeth before starting any cosmetic treatment.

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