Dental Payment Plans

After an initial free of charge consultation during which we will list out all work that your teeth require and then discuss with you what you would actually like done. We will also cost out a phased work plan and dicuss with you payment options. Custom fabrications (Crowns, Bridges or Implants) can be expensive because of the way they are individually made to fit in your mouth and match all other teeth.

Treatment may require many visits over the course of your work plan and also may involve custom fabrications of bridges, crowns or veneers as referred to above.  Our aim is to work towards a set of teeth that you are proud of (so a great looking smile) and more importantly, that are comfortable in your mouth which means that you can bite and chew food without any problems. You would be amazed at how many people you talk to notice your teeth so having good teeth can create a better impression.

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We accept the following payment cards:

Payment Cards We Accept

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